Wednesday, 27 July 2011

London calling Forever21!!!!

Spread over 3 levels and located in the heart of one of the worlds best shopping destinations, Londoners were more than excited to hear that the popular American store Forever21 was to open right here under our noses in Oxford Street. This however isn’t the first store to open in the UK, that exclusivity went to Birmingham insteadL, and by what I hear the reception was very good there. However it takes a lot more to impress us Londoners and like most stores Forever21 had its pros and cons. I don’t want to be too harsh or hasty in reviewing it taking into consideration that it was its first opening day, but you know my mum always told me making a good first impression is key.

So let’s start with the pros. All I can say is 'Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!' Forever21 must have heard Londoners love their accessories(jewellery) cause we were really spoilt for choice in that department and the best bit about it was the price, with most of them being under £4, what more could a girl ask for?J. Another thing I liked about the store was the sizing of the garment, I know this may sound silly but on most of the items they came in the simple form of S/M/L, I just found this so comforting and less complicated than most stores with their random, confusing international sizing, where you end up spent a good while asking about size conversion than actually enjoying the shopping experience. One more small but nice thing was unlike most stores once you've paid the escalators going down were on the same side so there wasn't a need to go all around the store to get to it, *yes this is my lazy side talking btw, lol*. 

Anyway, now for the cons. Going back to accessories, I was disappointed by the lack of stock in the purse/bag and shoe department, I mean everyone knows girls are obsessed with those two things and the lack of their presence really let the store down. And for now I shall blame it on it being its opening day but the queues! insane. They were looooooong and slooooow. But a massive point I have to make was the store layout; my inner visual merchandiser nearly had a mental breakdown by the lack of organisation and common sense co-ordination of the store. Perhaps its an American thing to not pay too much attention to the stores layout but I feel that is a very important part of selling products, to be honest the only department we could clearly identify was the basics section in the basement section. However overall I would say it was better that expected as I have heard the garment quality isn't always up to scratch, but I’d say they were pretty decent for the asking prices.

It would seem Forever21 is just another high street store and not anything majorly amazing, but nevertheless a lovely addition for young peeps to shop and we hope it stays on our shores for a long time. 

Psst...Stay tuned for the Forever21 goodies pics.....


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