Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Undercut Alternative!

The Undercut has been a rising trend for a while now with more and more celebs going in for the chop and sporting one sided manes. However despite rising popularity, it is still hugely disliked. I must admit, I myself wasn’t a fan of the daring style at first as I thought it was just too crazy! ….But it has now grown on me; one of my personal faves is the leopard undercut. (as sported by Sabrina Washington from ex UK girlband Misteeq)

      (R&B/Pop singer Cassie rocks the Undercut)

                                               (Model Alice Dellal is notorious for the Undercut)

                                        (UK singer/songwriter Amelle Berrabah from the Sugababes)

                                                       (Mel B recently unveiled her undercut)

                                               (♥ the leopard detail in Sabrina Washington's Undercut!)

While I think it looks fab on the above beauts , I don’t have the guts nor do I think I’ll find glory in shaving of one side of my hair (I freak out when I get a trim!)…So I’ve opted for what I like to call the……..”UNDERBRAID” =D
By braiding my hair to one side I’ve managed to get the edgy undercut look while maintaining my length. If you, like me are a fan of the undercut but don’t want to drastically shave of your beloved locks =O then why not give it a go!!
Simply just cornrow your hair to one side, leaving the ends out to cascade with the rest of your curls. Hair can be straightened, curled or crimped etc. for different variations and extensions/tracks can be added for extra length/thickness/colour. It’s a quick and easy style that looks great in straightened/pressed, relaxed & natural hair =D!!

                                                   (wash + blowdry, rollers for extra curl definition)

                                                              (Chunky braids + Pressed hair)

Have you tried the Underbraid/Undercut?  Send us pics to afr0dite@hotmail.co.uk we’d love to see

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